Should You Repair or Replace Your Garage Door?


If your garage door isn't working properly, then obviously you want it fixed. Choosing to repair a garage door isn't always the best choice, and sometimes completely replacing it can actually be more cost effective. However, it can sometimes be difficult to determine when replacing a door is the best decision. If you aren't sure which choice is best in your case, then here are some aspects of the problem to consider:

The age of your garage & the door

If your garage has been around for a long time and the door has never been replaced, then it may be time for a new one. This will also depend on several factors, including whether or not obvious signs of wear are present, such as rust and broken parts, and also whether you suspect that your garage door is the cause of a recent energy usage increase. Your garage door could be causing wasted energy due to inefficiency, forcing your HVAC system to work overtime. A new energy-efficient garage door could quickly reverse the problem.

On the other hand, if your garage door has been replaced within the past 10 years or less, then it might be a waste of money to buy a new one. If the purchase was so recent that the warranty is still in effect, then you need to contact the manufacturer and file a claim. Any necessary repairs or replacement will be free after any possible deductibles.

Regular maintenance

Garage doors require regular maintenance in order to function properly at all times. Pricey garage door equipment isn't necessary under normal circumstances. Simple items like lubricant, detergent, screwdrivers, and a few additional tools are usually all that are needed. If you regularly maintain your garage door, then replacement may not be necessary. Repairing the door may be something as simple as replacing a common part or even the remote, but each situation is different. Of course, even with regular maintenance, garage doors eventually need to be replaced. Once a professional diagnosis and recommendation have been made, you can then decide how to best return your garage door to its original level of functioning. Consider scheduling an appointment with Garbers Of Richmond Inc to have your garage door inspected.

Determining the best way to fix your garage door malfunction problem doesn't have to be a difficult decision. If you plan on selling your home soon, then you might opt for the most economical short-term fix. However, if you plan to remain in your home indefinitely, then you will need to choose the most effective way to repair and maintain your garage door long-term. This will ensure maximum performance for years to come.  


6 July 2015

repairing garage door damage from auto impacts

I thought the most difficult part of teaching my son how to drive would be out on the roads, but I didn't think about what he could do to my garage door before he even left the driveway. It took one small tap with the car to damage the garage door. Even though the garage door itself looked to be fine, the impact had caused some damage to the mechanical components, and we couldn't use the garage for a while. My blog explains what we had to do to make the repairs and will give you some tips for avoiding this type of accident around your home.