Garage Door Security Tips


An attached garage, although convenient, can also be a security concern. Overhead garage doors, whether manual or automatic, can't be secured in the same manner as regular doors. Breaches in security can lead a vandal or thief to try to gain access to your home through the garage. The following tips can help you better secure your garage door.

Tip #1: Roll the Code

Opt for an automatic opener with a rolling code feature. This security features means the remote transmits a new code to the opener each time it is used. The opener is programmed with millions of codes, so it's unlikely that a thief can use a code grabber or other device to crack your opener's code sequence.

Tip #2: Skip the Remote

Another option is to skip the remote opener option completely. Instead, have the garage programmed to use a keypad and PIN numbers. Just make sure that the PIN number isn't handed out, and change it periodically to keep it safe.

Tip #3: Opt for Metal

Metal garage doors can be more than wood doors, since they are harder to break through or splinter. There are metal security garage doors available that are reinforced, making break-ins even harder. You can find metal doors that emulate the aesthetic beauty of wood, if you prefer the appearance of a wood door.

Tip #4: Skip the Windows

Windows can be a bad idea on a garage door. Not only do they provide an easy entry point for a thief, they also give the whole neighborhood a view of the items inside your garage. If you must have windows, make sure they are equipped with shatterproof glass or plastic. Frosted windows are also a good choice. These let in light while still blocking prying eyes.

Tip #5: Vacation Safety

Your home is at the most risk when you are away. Disconnect your automatic opener to make it more difficult for a thief to force open the door. Some garage door systems also have an opening on the track that allows you to install a padlock. Once the lock is installed, the door rollers are blocked and the door can't be opened.

Tip #6: Secure All Entrances

Although it seems obvious, make sure your remote opener isn't left in the vehicle where it can be stolen. If you use an opener, opt for a key fob model so it is always with you. Also, make sure you lock the entrance door to the home at all times. If your garage door is breached, a locked entrance door may at least keep the thieves out of your home.

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10 July 2015

repairing garage door damage from auto impacts

I thought the most difficult part of teaching my son how to drive would be out on the roads, but I didn't think about what he could do to my garage door before he even left the driveway. It took one small tap with the car to damage the garage door. Even though the garage door itself looked to be fine, the impact had caused some damage to the mechanical components, and we couldn't use the garage for a while. My blog explains what we had to do to make the repairs and will give you some tips for avoiding this type of accident around your home.