Four Reasons To Consider A Cellphone Operated Garage Door Opener


Some of the advancements that are offered on the amazing cellphones that are available today have made life much easier for everyone. Alarms, calculators, games, email, and even social media accounts can all be controlled using a device that originally just allowed someone to connect with someone else while they were on the go. Fortunately, creators are always developing new and amazing things that can be controlled using your cellphone. Another great product allows your garage door opener to be controlled by your cellphone. Use the following guide to learn a few of the benefits of having a cellphone-operated garage door opener on your home.

Never Lose Remote

One of the biggest downfalls of a garage door opener is that the remote is often lost accidentally. When this happens, you will find yourself searching through your car, purse, or even your home to try to find it. Just about everyone knows where their phone is every minute of every day so that you do not have to worry about not being able to open your garage door when you need to. If your phone is dead or you break your phone, the app can be downloaded onto another phone and you can access your account to open your door with ease.

Remote Operation

If you have a guest coming to stay with you for the weekend but find yourself stuck at work later than planned, you can open the garage door remotely to allow the visitor into your garage and into your home, if the door to your home is unlocked.

Remote Alerts

If someone tries to get into your garage door while it is locked, the garage door opener will send an alert to your phone letting you know that someone is trying to get into the door. This could cut down on the chances of someone gaining access to your home without your permission.  

Easy Installation

The garage door opener can be installed on any garage door. It is installed the same way traditional garage door openers are installed and can be maintained in the same fashion. The only difference between the two is the inner workings that allow it to be operated by your phone rather than a garage door remote.

A consultant for a company that offers cellphone-operated garage door openers can come to your home and help you learn about the many options that are available to you. You can learn about the cost for the devices and what the installation process entails.  

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13 July 2015

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