Clues That Tell You Your Garage Door Needs To Be Repaired By A Professional


It is important to make sure that your garage door remains in perfect working order. To make sure that you are doing this, you will need to know the signs that indicate the need for a professional garage door technician. 

Springs That Barely Move

While the springs on the garage door may not move a lot, they should move a little bit and do so with ease. If they appear to be stuck in place or barely moving, they may need to be replaced. This could be due to the age of the springs or other issues such as the development of rust. Either way, you will want to make sure that you are allowing a professional to handle this issue, as it is not something that you should attempt on your own. The standard garage door springs are under a lot of pressure and could snap and injure someone if they are not replaced in the correct manner.

Gushes Of Air From Under The Door

Your garage door should close so that the bottom of the door sits evenly upon the ground beneath it. If you are feeling a lot of outside air coming through the bottom of the door, then this is not happening. The building or ground could have shifted, which would cause the door to no longer close evenly. The problem could also be that one of the garage door rails has come loose and is causing the door to close in an uneven manner. Either way, you will want the issue to be handled by a professional garage door technician.

Difficult Lock When Opening Or Securing The Door

If you are having trouble getting the garage door to lock or unlock, you will want to call a professional to address the issue for you. If the lock itself is still in good shape, your garage door repair technician may decide that it simply needs to be given some lubricant in the moving parts of the lock. However, if the lock is older or it has developed some rust, it may simply need to be replaced. Either way, you want to have this issue resolved as soon as possible so you never find yourself with a garage door that you are unable to lock or unlock at all.

If you're seeing these or similar issues with your garage door, contact a garage door repair technician like AAA Garage Door, Inc. to find out if it is something you'll need to schedule a service appointment for.


28 July 2016

repairing garage door damage from auto impacts

I thought the most difficult part of teaching my son how to drive would be out on the roads, but I didn't think about what he could do to my garage door before he even left the driveway. It took one small tap with the car to damage the garage door. Even though the garage door itself looked to be fine, the impact had caused some damage to the mechanical components, and we couldn't use the garage for a while. My blog explains what we had to do to make the repairs and will give you some tips for avoiding this type of accident around your home.