Three Options For The Back Side Of Your Garage


As you enter the early stages of planning the construction of your new garage with a local garage contractor, one thing to consider is how you plan to use the garage. While you'll likely want a structure that can hold one or more vehicles and offer plenty of storage space for your family's tools and recreational devices, many people design their garages to have a dual purpose. A popular option is to design the garage so that you use the front of the structure as a conventional garage and the rear of the structure for a different purpose. Here are three options for the back side of your garage.

Pool House 

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard that is situated near where you'll be building the garage, one idea is to turn the back of the garage into a pool house. The front of the structure can offer the functionality that you need from a garage, while also providing a space that your family and guests will enjoy during pool parties. For example, you can have one or more changing areas, a kitchen space, and more. Your garage builder can construct the garage so that the front of the structure is easily accessible from your driveway and the back of the structure is adjacent to the pool area.

Home Office

With working from home becoming increasingly popular, another option to think about is building the garage so that its backside can serve as a home office. For example, you might have two vehicle bays in the garage, with an interior wall that divides the vehicle bays from an area that you'll set up for working from home. This idea may suit you if you have a small home and struggle to find a suitable room to use as a home office or if you want to work in an area that offers more privacy than your residence.

In-Law Suite

Your new garage can also double as an in-law suite, which can be an appealing option if you or your significant other has elderly parents who might need to live with you in the future. Building the garage to essentially have a small apartment unit on its backside will provide your loved ones with the space and privacy they need. If you proceed with this idea, you'll want proper heating and plumbing in the garage, which can be features that you also find useful in the front half of the structure.

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25 August 2022

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