3 Possible Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won't Open


Having an electrical garage door can be very convenient. However, that convenience can turn into frustration when the garage door refuses to open. The solution for your garage door opening problems can be simple or it can be complex, depending on what is causing it to malfunction. Here are three possible reasons why your garage door won't open. 1. Problems with the garage door remote One of the most common reasons a garage door won't open is because there is an issue with the garage door remote.

1 July 2015

Someone Breaking Into Garages In Your Neighborhood? Make Sure Everything At Home Is Protected


If there have been some garage break-ins in your neighborhood, you need to keep yours protected just in case they hit your home. The people breaking in can be sneaky and hard to catch, and there are many levels of security you need to add. To keep your garage in one piece, follow the tips below. Secure Windows Someone could can easily slip through your garage door windows if they are not locked up tight.

30 June 2015

Garage Door Upkeep: 3 Tasks To Include In Your DIY Monthly Maintenance Inspection


Your garage door is an important part of your home's security and is among the largest moving components of the home. Therefore, it needs to be maintained so that it can work properly. This can be done with basic routine maintenance. According to the International Door Association (IDA), the three monthly things that you should check or do in terms of garage maintenance are visual inspection, lubrication and balance.  Read on to learn more about performing each of these maintenance tasks yourself.

22 June 2015

Playing It Safe When Replacing Garage Door Springs


Garage door springs play a central role in the operation of a garage door such that making the smallest mistakes when installing new springs is bound to make it almost impossible for you to open and close your door. But knowing what to install and how to install it is not the greatest challenge when it comes to replacing a garage door spring. What most homeowners struggle with is doing the repair work without putting their safety at risk.

17 June 2015

5 Ways To Repurpose Your Old Garage Doors


Repurposing your old garage door is a great way to recycle and create something new to use for your home or even create something new to give away as a gift. Garage doors are large enough pieces to create furniture and even art pieces to make your home look luxurious; it can also save you money by recycling the material instead of buying new material to start your DIYs projects. Here are five unique ways that you can repurpose your old garage doors into something new and useful.

10 June 2015